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  • Generate permutations in sorted order

    Let’s talk about permutations. They’re an interesting topic in combinatorics and come up in programming puzzles from time to time. There is a relatively intuitive recursive algorithm for generating all permutations for a list of elements, which goes like this: Full code: This algorithm is succinct and elegant, but the permutations are generated in…

  • Configure Neovim

    In this post, I’d like to show you how to start customizing your Neovim editor. You might notice that I’m typing nvim, that is Neovim’s binary. I suppose it’s so Neovim can coexist with Vim, but I only use one of them, so let’s do something about that so that we can simply type vim.…

  • Set up Neovim LSP for C/C++

    Install Neovim This tutorial assumes you have Neovim installed. If that’s not the case, you can follow this tutorial for instructions. Install compilers Install clangd Install the plugins NOTE: I’m using vim-plug for managing my [Neo]vim plugins. The nvim-cmp plugin will do the magic, though it requires a few other plugins: Configure the LSP client…

  • Install Neovim on Ubuntu

    In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Neovim on Ubuntu in three different ways 1) from a precompiled binary, 2) using Ubuntu’s package manager and 3) from source code. Download the binary Now, you should be able to run nvim on the command line. Use the package manager Neovim has been in…

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    Convert images to a PDF file: Source: Convert images Source: Copy ISO image to USB drive Source: Convert PDF files to text files Sources: cyberciti, linuxuprising Colored cat Source: Bash – get file name and extension Source:

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