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  • Linux notes

    Convert images to a PDF file: Source: Convert images Source: Copy ISO image to USB drive Source: Convert PDF files to text files Sources: cyberciti, linuxuprising Colored cat Source: Bash – get file name and extension Source:

  • Git notes

    Git is such an important tool that it deserves its own notes page. How to specify a private SSH key You’ll need this if you have more than one GitHub (or similar service) accounts. It looks like you can’t use the same SSH key in different accounts? Sources

  • Web development notes

    Tools/services REST vs gRPC Resources HTML CSS JavaScript How-to How to call REST APIs GET calls POST calls Rails Rails status codes The :status Option Ensure required environment variables are set when booting up Rails Create an initializer under config/initializers like so: Source: Run rails over SSL locally SSL/TLS: Convert .pem files to .crt…

  • Vim notes

    Start here Neovim + Lua Jumps I’ve been familiar with c-o and c-i for a while, but I have not used them effectively, some things were missing. The following mappings simplify working with relativenumber and <count>j/<count>k: Source: reddit post inoremap and white spaces Just found out that white spaces matter in inoremap mappings, the following…

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