About me

When I was fourteen years old (circa 2004), I enrolled in a computers course, and it was during that time that I learned a little about programming, first C and then Visual Basic 6.

From 2008 to 2014 (I took my time) I studied software engineering. During this time, I spent a good amount of time training for programming competitions. I learned a few things, but never got very good at it.

In March 2015, I traveled to Mexico City to find a job. There, I worked for a startup building a system from scratch in Go.

In April 2016, I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to work for Ooyala (now Brightcove). I worked there for ten months. Great place to work with nice perks. It was such a wonderful experience.

In January 2017, I was hired by Amazon and moved to Seattle, WA. I started working at Amazon Marketplace. In September 2018, I switched to AWS Lightsail and been working there ever since.

I have not been active online recently, but I’d like to come back.

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